Our History | ST. Nicolaus

Armin Stark establishes a private company
Armin Stark establishes the first refinery in Liptovský Mikuláš for the production of alcohol, which he then sells to wholesale customers. 
ST. Nicolaus
Starkovská alcohol refinery
The company grows and becomes a joint stock company called Starkovská rafinéria lihu. In addition to the processing of alcohol and the production and sale of rum, the company also begins to focus on the production and supply of electricity for public and private lighting.  
ST. Nicolaus
Establishment of the second refinery
A second refinery is built in Leopoldov, an agricultural area in western Slovakia. 
ST. Nicolaus
The first factory in Liptov
The company Prvá liptovská továreň na likéry Rudolf Stein & spol. is established, producing liqueurs, rum, juniper brandy and plum brandy.  
ST. Nicolaus
Demänovka, the most famous Slovak herbal liqueur, is launched.  
ST. Nicolaus
Founding of ST. NICOLAUS a.s.
The establishment of ST. NICOLAUS a.s., whose name and logo are inspired by the coat of arms and the name of the town (Svätý Mikuláš/Sanctus Nicolaus). The new distillery company starts to dynamically develop. 
ST. Nicolaus
Start of Nicolaus Vodka production
Production of Nicolaus Vodka is launched, the best-selling vodka on the Slovak market and the third best-selling vodka in the Czech Republic.  
ST. Nicolaus
González Byass
The long-standing cooperation with the Spanish company Gonzalez Byass and the sale of the popular brandy Soberano on the Slovak market begins. 
ST. Nicolaus
Purchase of Várda Distillery
St. Nicolaus buys the Várda Distillery, the birthplace of award-winning Hungarian pálinka, and ST. NICOLAUS products start to be sold in Hungary.   

ST. Nicolaus
Expansion to the Czech market
Expansion into the Czech market and opening of the trade company ST.NICOLAUS-trade CZ in the Czech Republic.  
ST. Nicolaus
Complete redesign
A complete redesign of Nicolaus Extra Fine Vodka and a change of the St. Nicolaus logo to its present form. The company also expands into the wine segment under the Slovenské Vinice brand.  
ST. Nicolaus
Introduction of the New Label & Gibson Gin
Label 5 whisky and Gibson’s Gin brands begin distribution.  
Exclusive distributor
ST. NICOLAUS-Trade becomes the exclusive distributor of the global brand Russian Standard on the Slovak market.  
ST. Nicolaus
Building of new business cooperation
Starts to build business cooperation in the Adriatic region – Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.  
Exclusive distribution of the global rum brand Bumbu
Export expansion to other world markets – Russia, India, West Africa, China, and exclusive distribution of the global rum brand Bumbu.  
Continued export development
Export development to other territories – Germany, Great Britain, Austria, USA – continues. ST. NICOLAUS Adriatic is established for the management of business activities in the Adriatic region and further into the Balkans.