Commodities – Vinegar & Alcohol

The production of alcohol and vinegar for the production and distribution needs of the companies in the St. Nicolaus family is ensured by the production plant Slovenské liehovary a likérky, a.s., in Leopoldov, which has existed for more than 100 years. Thanks to technological innovation and distribution potential, Leopoldovo vinegar is one of the best-selling in the Central European region.



In 2010 and 2014, the modernization and installation of a new technology for the production of 20% fermentation vinegar was carried out in two phases. The company continues to intensify production to ensure it meets the growing needs of its customers. 



Fermented vinegar alcohol 20% (download specification)

Fermented vinegar alcohol – concentration according to the customer’s requirement 



In 2002 SLL, a.s. carried out the complete modernization of alcohol production, where it used its own know-how in the fermentation solution. Further modernization and intensification of alcohol production was carried out in 2021. This modernization has further increased capacity and reduced the energy intensity of production. 



Refined alcohol 96% (download specification) 

Technical alcohol (download specification) 

Generally denatured alcohol 96% (download specification) 

Specially denatured alcohol 96% 

Brewer’s spent grain (download specification)