The Largest Producer of Spirits in Slovakia


The largest producer and distributor of alcoholic beverages in Slovakia and one of the key players in Central Europe with distribution companies in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Southeastern Europe.


More than 150 years of St. Nicolaus have passed since the first refinery was established in 1867.

ST. Nicolaus


St. Nicolaus products can be found in more than 20 markets in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America.

ST. Nicolaus


Two of our own distilleries, a modern distillery and a distillery for fruit spirits in Slovakia and Hungary.


As many as 11 of the 20 bestselling products on the domestic market come from St. Nicolaus. 


The company has received regular product awards at international competitions such as World Spirit Awards, ISW, The World Packaging Awards and Superbrands. 

Our Vision

Our Vision

We want to be there for our consumers whenever and wherever they need to quench their thirst, enjoy a meal or have fun with family and friends. We do so with the aim of offering them alternatives that are as healthy, socially and environmentally responsible as possible.

Our Mission

Our Mission

A wealth of experience based on history and tradition with a strong focus on innovation, quality and product safety has ensured St. Nicolaus’ leadership and competitiveness in the Slovak market for decades.

Our Distilleries

St. Nicolaus,
Liptovský Mikuláš

Výrobná linka vodky v Liptovskom Mikuláši

St. Nicolaus, Liptovský Mikuláš

We consider 1867 to be the year of our founding, when Armin Stark founded the first private distillery in Liptovský Mikuláš, to which a spirit refinery was added in 1910. Twelve years later, in the interwar period, Prvá liptovská továreň na likéry – Rudolf Stien a spol. was founded as a subsidiary, which mainly expanded the then portfolio through the production of liqueurs, but also the production of juniper brandy, rum and plum brandy. The distillery’s production started at around 3,000 hectolitres of alcohol per year, but gradually increased to 22,000 hectoliters. Production continued in this form during the Second World War until nationalisation and the creation of a state enterprise in the post-war period. The company operated in this form until its privatisation and the formation of the current ST. NICOLAUS a.s.

ST. NICOLAUS is the largest producer of spirits and distillates in Slovakia and continues the rich traditions and experience of spirits production in Liptov to this day.

Slovak Distilleries and Liqueurs, Leopoldov

Pohlad do výrobne liehu v Leopoldove

Slovak Distilleries and Liqueurs, Leopoldov

The rich history of the distillery in Leopoldov dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. In 1908, the landowners Fuchs, Löwy and Switzer decided to found the company “West Hungarian Distillery and Refinery” with the aim of building a modern large-capacity distillery for the production of sugar beet alcohol for a significant part of the Austro-Hungarian market. In November 1911, the Leopold distillery – the largest industrial distillery in the whole of Central Europe – launched its first campaign.

The distillery continues to this day to build on the best of its rich history, but does not forget to keep up with global trends in the field of distilling. Thanks to this, the Leopoldov distillery is an award-winning producer of vinegar and food spirits of the highest quality.

Várda Distillery, Kisvárda, Hungary

Pohľad na rozbalenú fľašu Varda Distillery

Várda Distillery, Kisvárda, Hungary

The Várda-Drink Group, based in Kisvárd, in 1922 under the leadership of István Diner had already established itself as one of the biggest players on the Hungarian spirits and pálinka market. The factory has undergone many changes over the years, belonging to the Slovak group of St. Nicolaus since 2007. In almost 100 years of operation, Várda has managed to register the country’s first trademark Szatmári Szilvapálinka and subsequently Szabolcsi Almapálinka, as well as a number of domestic and international awards from prestigious distillate competitions.

Millions of litres of spirits and brandy, mineral water and soft drinks, as well as vinegar, are produced annually at the Kisvárd production plant and the distillery in Vásárosnamény. One specialty is, for example, the double Hungarikum (pálinka + Hollóházi porcelain bottle) Kulacs pálinka.

ST. Nicolaus

St. Nicolaus Operates in More Than 19 Global Markets.

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