What is it like to work in ST. NICOLAUS?

ST. Nicolaus
zuzka strizova
„ST. NICOLAUS gives me room to grow in my career and move things forward. It’s a company where ideas and dreams become reality. A culture of open corporate communication helps us achieve our goals and continuously innovate and improve. From the first day I felt that there was a very pleasant work atmosphere and good working relations based on mutual trust, long experience and respect. But the most important thing for me is that ‘can’t’ has no place in our company. Everything we do at ST. NICOLAUS we do it with heart. ”
Zuzana Strížová
Senior Brand Manager
janka Erhardt
„I have been working at the ST. NICOLAUS company for a very long time, which I’m very happy about, as it is a thriving company that everyday offers new challenges, which my colleagues and I try to solve. The bonus is a stable social background and a very good team, which makes me look forward to work every day.”
Janka Erhardtová
Production Administrator
Tomáš sopka
„ ST NICOLAUS is a ‘second home’ for me, where I grew from a temporary worker during my school days to the position of a sales representative. All the time it provided me with security, a great job position, new opportunities, a great team, the opportunity to grow professionally and acquire new knowledge from the world of business.”
Tomáš Sopka
Sales Representative