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The unmistakable taste of Demänovka is the result of a closely guarded recipe inspired by the healing recipes of medieval monasteries. However, we can say with certainty that the herbal liqueur is a macerated mixture of 14 herbs, spices and bee honey, which in conjunction with quality fine alcohol and water from the Tatra foothills creates a distinctive, but not intrusive taste that is continuously gaining new fans. Most recently, Demänovka won the gold medal at the Warsaw Spirits Competition 2020 last year.

Demänovka rad produktov
Demänovka rad produktov

Demänovka Herbal Bitter

Fľaša Demänovka Bitter

Demänovka Herbal Bitter

0,5 l / 0,7 l | 38 %

Demänovka Bitter 38% is distinguished by a dominant taste of herbs and a mild bitter finish, which makes it particularly pleasing to lovers of more expressive herbal liqueurs. This is the most popular version of Demänovka, which people have been searching after for years. It is recommended to serve chilled.

Other products

Fľaša Demänovka Medová
Demänovka Liqueur with Honey
0,5 l / 0,7 l | 33 %
Demänovka Liqueur with honey at 33% balances the taste of 14 herbs and the traditional bitter finish is tempered by honey with its sweetish taste. It has a lower alcohol content and a milder taste, making it especially popular with women. It is recommended to serve chilled.
Fľaša Demänovka Blackcurrant
Demänovka Blackcurrant
0,7 l | 30 %
Demänovka Blackcurrant has a sweet, delicious and fruity taste compared to the traditional Demänovka taste due to natural blackcurrant concentrate. The use of blackcurrants gives the popular herbal liqueur a distinctive dark burgundy color and a milder taste. It is recommended to serve chilled with ice.
Fľaša Demänovka Brusnica
Demänovka Cranberry
0,5 l / 0,7 l | 30 %
Demänovka Cranberry complements the traditional taste of Demänovka with fresh cranberry juice (up to 30 g of cranberries are used per 1 l of juice), which creates its sweetish fruity taste. It is recommended to be served chilled with ice, but also in the form of cold and hot drinks.