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Kaltenecker has been bringing Slovaks the taste of the discovery of quality beer specialties since 1997. The Rožňava brewery prepares its beer specials from 100% malt without the use of stabilizers. A good beer is almost immediately consumed. There is no need to doubt the good attribute, Kaltenecker holding first place as the most awarded Slovak brewery. This is due to the popular stalwarts, but also to the limited beer specials they offer at least 4 times a year.

Kaltenecker Beer 11°

Kaltenecker Beer 11°

0,33 l | 0,5 l

An exceptional pilsner-type lager beer with a golden colour and delicate aroma of Žatec hops, a rich body and full, pleasantly bitter taste.

Other products

Kaltenecker Beer 12° Weizen
0,33 l
The light wheat beer with an alcohol content of 4.7% is particularly popular thanks to its fresh, sour taste of citrus, muscat, banana and vanilla.
Kaltenecker Beer 12° Fiesta Ale
0,33 l
This top-fermented golden yellow beer refreshes with flavors and aromas of lemon, tangerine and tropical fruits. Alcohol content: 5%.
Kaltenecker Beer 13° Brokát Dark
0,33 l
The dark lager with an alcohol content of 5.5% is made from barley malt, special caramel and colored malts and two types of hops. It combines notes of dark chocolate and coffee, yet it is not sweet, but rather balanced and bitter.
Kaltenecker Beer 13° Yakima IPA
0,33 l
A top-fermented semi-dark India Pale yeast beer, but it balances its extra bitterness with a fresh citrus aroma. Alcohol content: 5.8%.
Fľaša Kaltenecker pivo 13° Tokaj IPA
Kaltenecker Beer 13° Tokaj IPA
0,33 l
This beer with an alcohol content of 5.5 % from the semi-dark IPA category is made from barley, wheat and caramel malts. It was created in cooperation with the traditional Tokaj wine producer Tokaj Macik Winery and the aroma of the young wine enhances the fruitiness of the wine and adds to its uniqueness.

Paulaner Weissbier Beer 0%

Fľaša paulaner

Paulaner Weissbier Beer 0%

0,5 l

The non-alcoholic Paulaner Weissbier surprises with its rich wheat taste, in which you will even find less than 100 calories (per 500 ml pack). A refreshing sip can thus be indulged in at any time.

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