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An artisanal brand of authentic fruit and juniper spirits, Domovina brings a whiff of home and authentic Slovak tradition. The smell of juniper or fruit from Slovak gardens, pure Slovak water and the 150-year tradition of distilling in Liptov come together in the form of premium spirits, which will perfectly represent our homeland in the world, even at first glance – thanks to its label with a pen drawing by a Slovak artist, Domovina spirits became the winner of the WorldStar Packaging Awards 2021.

Domovina produkty
Domovina produkty

DOMOVINA Juniper Brandy

Fľaša Domovina Borovička

DOMOVINA Juniper Brandy

0,7 l | 45 %

DOMOVINA is a quality Slovak juniper brandy made from the rarer black juniper berries, which are less sweet but more aromatic than the classic red ones. DOMOVINA juniper brandy will enchant you with its balanced and fresh aroma and surprisingly delicate, rich and bright juniper taste.

Other products

Fľaša DOMOVINA Borovička s horcom
DOMOVINA Juniper Brandy with Gentian
0,7 l | 45 %
DOMOVINA is a high quality Slovak juniper brandy made from rarer black juniper, enriched with pure gentian extract. Thanks to the extract, it has a bitter aroma, which, however, only elegantly complements the rich and bright juniper flavor and adds the right Tatra flavor to the borovička.

Fľaša DOMOVINA Slivovica
DOMOVINA Plum Brandy
0,7 l | 52 % 
The basis of DOMOVINA Plum Brandy are first-class, healthy and undamaged plums, which are harvested at full ripeness and processed without pits. The result is a confident 52% spirit with an appealing aroma of stone fruit and a rich flavor. 
Fľaša DOMOVINA Hruškovica
DOMOVINA Pear Brandy
0,7 l | 42 % 
The basis of DOMOVINA Pear Brandy are quality ripe pears, which are processed only when they are the juiciest and sweetest. The deliciously smooth, sweetish and spicy flavor of the pear brandy is at its best in a spirit at 42% alcohol by volume. 
Fľaša DOMOVINA Marhuľovica
DOMOVINA Apricot Brandy
0,7 l | 42 %
The basis of DOMOVINA APRICOT BRANDY are ripe and juicy apricots from the southern regions, where they thrive best. The resulting spirit smells of ripe and juicy apricots and has a lingering sweet taste that will appeal to a wide audience.

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