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Bodegas Beronia embodies the character of Spain’s world-famous La Rioja wine region – honoring the region’s winemaking traditions, but also innovating constantly. The most important of these is the unique Beronia Colección range of single varietal wines, thanks to which wine lovers can discover the origins of the unique shades of flavors and aromas that the different varieties impart to Rioja wines.

Produkty Beronia
Produkty Beronia

Beronia Rioja Crianza red wine

Fľaša Beronia Rioja Crianza

Beronia Rioja Crianza red wine

0,75 l | red wine | ESP

The wine is ruby red in color, with shades of dark cherry, aromas of vanilla, forest fruits, raspberry, mulberry and cherry and a delicate taste of baked bread and green pepper. Fruity and fresh on the palate, leaving a subtle aftertaste of roasting and spices. Ideal for archiving. Aged for 1 year in American and French oak barrels and 1 year in bottles.

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Beronia Rioja Reserva red wine
0,75 l | red wine | ESP
The wine is dark ruby in color with a slightly ocher hue. The vanilla aroma is complemented by the scent of forest fruits with subtle undertones of toasted bread and spices. Complex, structured and smooth and delicate on the palate, with hints of ripe fruit and roasted meat. The wine is aged for 1 year in an oak barrel and 2 years in a bottle.
Fľaša Beronia Gran Reserva
Beronia Gran Reserva red wine
0,75 l | red wine | ESP
The wine is an intense cherry red color with a dark rim and ocher tones. A delicate and elegant bouquet with aromas after roasting, which aerate into hints of balsamic, tobacco, leather and sweet fruit. The wine is smooth and tasty, with a balance of ripe fruit and wood flavors. It is aged for 2 years in American oak barrels and 3 years directly in a bottle.
Fľaša Beronia Rioja Crian
Beronia Limited Edition 2015
0,75 l | ESP
This wine has a dark cherry color with purple highlights and aromas of herbs such as thyme and rosemary. The taste of the wine is soft, rounded and full of ripe cherries, summer fruits with a hint of chocolate, sweet spices and especially cinnamon.

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