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We present a collection of sparkling wines from the Italian province of Treviso. The high number of days of sunshine and the excellent location make it possible to create exceptional sparkling wines, characterized by long-lasting effervescence, balanced fruit flavors and fresh acidity.

Hamlet produkty
Hamlet produkty

Hamlet Exclusive Sweet

Fľaša Hamlet

Hamlet Exclusive Sweet

0,75 l | 7 %

Aromatic quality sparkling wine from the muscat varieties of Oltrepo Pavese and Emilias Moscato produced by the Italian Asti method. The aroma of the wine has a characteristic bouquet of muscat grapes and a deliciously sweet, delicate flavor.

Other products

Fľaľa hamlet Brut
Hamlet Exclusive brut
0,75 l | 10 %
A wine made using the Charmat method for lovers of dry sparkling wines. Aroma with a characteristic bouquet of muscat grapes and a fresh, light fruity taste. The rich and long-lasting bubbling guarantees refreshment in every sip.
Hamlet Prosecco Frizzante DOC Treviso
0,75 l | Screw cap
The delicate sparkling wine of the Glera variety comes from the Prosecco DOC protected area of origin in the province of Treviso. The harmonious taste and the typical fruity aroma of prosecco make it a great choice. It has a practical Screw Cap, which has the great advantage of being able to recap the bottle and preserve the quality of this sparkling wine for a longer time. The fresh new design will also appeal to discerning consumers looking for quality authentic prosecco at an affordable price.
Hamlet Frizzante POLYKEG
24 l | 11 % | POLYKEG
This white Italian sparkling wine impresses with its fresh fruity taste and pleasant aroma. The 24-liter tap barrel keeps the wine always sparkling, properly chilled and ready to be tapped and consumed. The POLYKEG is made of recyclable material and guarantees to keep the wine in top quality for at least 12 months.

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