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La Copa

Alcohol | Vermouth and Sherry

La Copa vermouth is the historic brand of González Byass dating back to 1896. Thanks to the archives, not only the recipe has been preserved, but also the period etiquette that inspired the current La Copa. The white and red vermouths with a specific spicy taste are still popular and sought after years later.

vermouth produkty
vermouth produkty

La Copa Blanco Vermouth

Fľaša La Copa Vermouth blanco biele ESP

La Copa Blanco Vermouth

0,75 l | white dry | ESP

La Copa Blanco is characterised by its clean, elegant and intense flavour and aroma. In the fragrance you will find concentrated citrus aromas. In the taste, you can smell subtle touches of wormwood on a spicy background. Cinnamon, nutmeg and higher residual sugar give La Copa Blanco a pleasant harmony and an unmistakable sensation with a sherry-like signature. Enjoy well chilled, combined with soda and ice or as an ingredient in modern cocktails.

Other products

Fľaša La Copa Vermouth blanco biele Extra Seco ESP
La Copa Extra Seco Vermouth
0,75 l | white dry | ESP
The base of the extra dry vermouth is very dry Fino sherry and selected botanical extracts: citrus, bitter wormwood, sage and red berry fruit. The result is an intense vermouth with a lingering balsamic aftertaste. A very elegant and intense vermouth.
La Copa Vermouth rojo červené 1
La Copa Rojo Vermouth
0,75 l | red sweet | ESP
The base of the sweet red vermouth is a blend of wines and selected botanical extracts such as wormwood, clove, orange peel, cinnamon and nutmeg. The enjoyment experience is enhanced by the delicate aroma of red orange and a hint of clove. 
La Copa Vermouth rojo červené Reserva ESP
La Copa Rojo Reserva Vermouth
0,75 l | red sweet | ESP
The base of La Copa Vermouth is an 8-year-old blend of Oloroso sherry wine combined with Pedro Ximénez, to which carefully selected macerated botanical extracts are added. In the beginning, you can smell the delicate aroma of red orange and a hint of clove, while the typicality of the Pedro Ximénez variety stands out in the taste, harmoniously matched with notes of cinnamon and wormwood. It tastes great chilled on its own, with soda or served on crushed ice, but also as an ingredient in many well-known cocktails.