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The Classic brand and its grain alcohol products have built up a stable consumer base over the years, who certainly appreciate the favorable quality/price ratio. The qualities and advantages of classics such as Fine Vodka, Domestic Um, Juniper Brandy or Gin are already known to every true classic! 

Klasik Domaći

Klasik Domaći

35% | 1 l | 3 l

The basis of this local art is very fine alcohol and aroma of rum. A decent blend of vanilla flavours adds delicacy and fruitiness. An ideal helper in the kitchen, especially when baking sweet desserts.

Ďalšie produkty

Klasik Pelinkovac Gorki
25% | 0,1 l | 1 l
Herbal liqueur Gorki Pelinkovac sheds new light on the preferences of all lovers of this drink with a refined taste. In this harmonious composition is a carefully coordinated ratio of 30 species of plants. It is most suitable for consumption as an aperitif but also as a refreshing drink with coke or tonic.
Klasik Vodka
38 % | 0,1 l | 1 l
A very fine grain spirit forms the basis of the vodka, which is followed by pure water from a special well in the Tatra foothills. Vodka 38% is particularly sought after by consumers in hospitality and restaurant establishments as it offers a very balanced price/quality ratio.
Klasik Gin
40 % | 1 l
The qualities of this gin produced in Liptovský Mikuláš according to a traditional recipe have been appreciated by people for years. CLASSIC gin is sought after for its characteristic taste, aroma and accurate strength, as well as for its favorable price-quality ratio.