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Nicolaus Vodka is the most popular and best-selling vodka in Slovakia with more than 140 years of tradition. It is made using the finest grain alcohol with crystal clear glacier water, and every drop of Nicolaus is filtered through 24 unique active silver filters. This creates an extra smooth taste typical of Nicolaus vodka, which is appreciated both at home and abroad. Nicolaus Vodka is not to be missed at any party, festival or celebration.

ST. Nicolaus
ST. Nicolaus

Nicolaus Extra Fine Vodka

Fľaša Nicolaus extra jemná

Nicolaus Extra Fine Vodka

0,04 l / 0,2 l / 0,5 l / 0,7 l / 1 l | 38 %

The unique finesse of Nicolaus Extra Fine Vodka is concealed in the crystal clear Tatra water, multiple filtration through silver filters and 140 years of tradition. A longer aging period and access to oxygen also ensured a better taste. Thanks to 5-fold aeration, the result is an extra smooth and aerated vodka that delights the drinker with its exceptional taste. This very fine spirit is prepared using the latest technology from high-quality grain.

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Fľaša Nicolaus vodka BLACKCURRANT
Nicolaus Blackcurrant Vodka
0,7 l | 38 %
The extra fine taste and aroma of Nicolaus vodka complemented by the natural aroma and taste of blackcurrants is designed for all vodka lovers.
Fľaša Niocolas Vodka cranberry
Nicolaus Cranberry Vodka
0,2 l / 0,5 l / 0,7 l | 38 %
The pleasant taste and aroma of the popular cranberry vodka will please you at the first sip and will win you over at any time.
Fľaša Niocolas Vodka Lime
Nicolaus Lime Vodka
0,2 l / 0,5 l / 0,7 l | 38 %
The natural flavor of refreshing limes from Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Paraguay is a wonderful combination with Nicolaus vodka, resulting in an unforgettable taste.
Fľaša Niocolas Vodka Mango
Nicolaus Mango Vodka
0,7 l | 38 %
Tropical mango from Southeast Asia combined with the subtle taste of vodka will win you over at the first sip. 
Nicolaus Pomegranate & Raspberry Vodka
0,7 l | 38 %
The flavor of exotic pomegranate from the Mediterranean countries combined with our famous raspberry stands out against the backdrop of the vodka’s extra smooth taste and aroma.
Fľaša Niocolas Vodka PINEAPPLE_COCONUT
Nicolaus Pineapple & Coconut Vodka
0,7 l | 38 %
A smooth vodka accented with juicy pineapple and coconut from Southeast Asia can conjure up the taste of the exotic anywhere.
Fľaša Niocolas Vodka Melon
Nicolaus Melon Vodka
0,7 l | 38 %
This extra smooth vodka with the flavor of fresh melon from sunny Spain will be the perfect choice for summer evenings.
Fľaša Niocolas Vodka Peach
Nicolaus Peach Vodka
0,7 l | 38 %
Nicolaus Peach vodka with a juicy peach flavor will delight lovers of sweet flavors and aromas.
Fľaša Niocolas Vodka Lemon & Cucumber
Nicolaus Lemon-Cucumber Vodka
0,7 l | 38 % 
Nicolaus Lemon-Cucumber Vodka with a fresh combination of lemon and cucumber is inspired by fresh summer lemonade. You will be delighted with its pleasant balanced taste.
Nicolaus Chocolate Vodka
0,7 l | 38 % 
After fruit flavours, we expanded this line with the truly ground-breaking Nicolaus Chocolate Vodka. This combines the most popular Slovak vodka with a touch of chocolate. Enjoy discovering original and delicious flavours? Then you’ll love this chocolately tipple.