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The Hungarian Kulacs pálinka is the product of honest work and quality fruit, the taste and aroma of which caresses with every sip of clear pálinka. The iconic porcelain bottles from the world-famous Hollóházy porcelain brand, which are as much a part of Hungarian tradition as good fruit brandies, complete the experience. 

Kulacs Satmárska Plum Brandy

Fľaša Kulacs Szatmári szilvapálinka B

Kulacs Satmárska Plum Brandy

0,5 l | 40 %

Satmárska plum brandy with a protected geographical indication of origin is produced only from first-class fruit harvested when fully ripe and processed without the pips. The brandy is distilled in the traditional way in two stages. 

Other products

Fľaša Kulacs Vilmoskörte pálinka
Kulacs Williams Pear
0,5 l | 40 %
The summer variety of Williams pears is ideal for the production of fruit spirits. It therefore gives this pear brandy an intense, slightly spicy aroma and the sweetish taste of a juicy ripe pear.
Fľaša Kulacs Ó-Barack pálinka
Kulacs Apricot Brandy
0,5 l | 40 %
This apricot brandy with a scent of blossoms and the taste of ripe apricots will remind you of summer and fresh apricot jam even in the harshest winter. 
Fľaša Kulacs Szabolcsi almapálinka
Kulacs Apple Brandy
0,5 l | 40 %
This apple brandy with a protected geographical indication of origin will enchant lovers of fruit spirits with its fresh taste and bright apple character reminiscent of the Jonathan variety.
Fľaša Kulacs Meggy pálinka
Kulacs Sour Cherry Brandy
0,5 l | 40 %
The popular Kulacs sour cherry offers a combination of the sweet taste of ripe sour cherries and a pleasant, long-lasting aroma.