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The long tradition of producing quality fruit spirits and the unceasing demand for them have led to ST. NICOLAUS creating the VARDA DESTILATES range. It uses the know-how of our Hungarian distillery in Vásárosnamény, which over the years has perfected the process from caring for the best fruit varieties to the actual distillation under the supervision of the best masters. The result is an exclusive edition of spirits that will please even the most demanding consumers. 

Fľaše Varda Destilaty produkty
Fľaše Varda Destilaty produkty

Exclusive Barrel Reserve Plum Brandy Oak

Fľaša Varda Destilaty Szatmari Szilva B

Exclusive Barrel Reserve Plum Brandy Oak

0,35 l | 52 %

The popular spirit combines the subtle character of plum and the characteristic sweet note of vanilla oak. The result is a harmonious fruity taste of plum brandy that blends seamlessly with the aromas of the cask. The golden color makes this spirit even more attractive.

Other products

Fľaša Varda Destilaty szilva besztercei
Exclusive Special Varietal Plum Brandy Bystrická
0,5 l | 52 %
An unforgettable plum brandy that will enchant everyone with its characteristic aroma and taste of plum jam. It is based on a very popular plum variety with an unbeatable sweet and sour taste and a pleasant aroma.
Fľaša Varda Destilaty szilva besztercei
Exclusive Extra Delicious Apricot
0,5 l | 42 %
Apricot brandy aged on dried apricots is made for lovers of sweeter flavors. It is the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the natural taste of juicy apricots in their spirit.
Fľaša Varda DestilatVarda Destilaty szilva beszterceiy Cseresznye
Exclusive Barrel Reserva Cherry Brandy
0,35 l | 42 %
This silky cherry has found an excellent home in a barrel made of its own wood. The rare dual combination of cherry in both the wood and fruit created a unique spirit with a golden color and slightly sweetish flavor.
Fľaša Varda Destilaty Malna
Exclusive Master Speciality Raspberry Brandy
0,35 l | 42 %
The youthful, fresh and intense fruity character of this raspberry wine will conquer all your senses. You will be enchanted by its rich aroma and taste of fresh raspberries and the first sip will transport you to a sunny summer garden.
Exclusive Special Varietal Pear Conference
0,5 l | 42 %
A distillate with a captivating aroma reminiscent of buttery pear flesh and delicate citrus. The taste is characteristic of pear brandy with a slightly sweetish and lingering aftertaste.
Birs Varda Destilaty Birs
Exclusive Master Specialty Quince Brandy
0,35 l | 42 %
This spirit is characterized by pleasantly astringent, characteristic for quince, flavor elements with a hint of citrus notes. The long-lasting rounded flavor is topped with a distinctive and pleasant aroma of quince.
Fľaša Varda Destilaty Vilmoskorte
Exclusive Special Varietal Williams Pear
0,5 l | 42 %
A distillate that will enchant you with its appealing fresh aroma and long-lasting fruity taste. Its unique flavor profile is due to the summer variety of Willliams pears with its sweet, juicy and highly aromatic flesh, making it an ideal choice for the production of fruit spirit. However, this entails a very delicate variety and production so it requires an experienced distiller.
Fľaša Varda Destilaty Jonathan alma
Exclusive Special Varietal Jonathan Apple
0,5 l | 42 %
A distillate that will enchant you with its discreet but unmistakable fruity aroma and delicious taste of ripe juicy apple with a subtle hint of fruit wax. This is due to the Jonathan variety, which is rarely grown today, but is still considered by experts to be one of the tastiest varieties. Apple cider is excellent as an aperitif.
Fľaša Varda Destilaty Berkenye
Exclusive Master Specialty Sorb Fruit Brandy
0,35 l | 42 %
A distillate characterized by a pleasant, elegant aroma and a slightly tart taste. As a wild fruit, sorb encapsulates the purity of virgin nature, making sorb a work of art for gourmands.
Fľaša Varda Destilaty Irsay oliver
Exclusive Master Specialty Irsai Oliver Grape
0,35 l | 42 %
A quality spirit from one of the most popular grape varieties bred in Hungary. Its elegant muscat aroma with a balanced, slightly sweetish spicy aftertaste is the ideal choice for those just beginning to discover the excellence of fruit spirits. Recommended especially for spicy dishes and desserts.