Adam Ďurica and his father Peter toast family friendships with Demänovka

24. March 2022 – Press releases
Not long ago a parent, today a best friend. We toast to special moments in the circle of those closest to our hearts. To family friendships. Adam Ďurica and his father Petr will celebrate theirs with Demänovka, a Slovak herbal liqueur straight from the Demänovská valley.

The campaign is the brainchild of the Mannschaft agency. “We searched for a long time for the right direction and finally chose family friendships. Father and son, that’s a lifelong bond that no other can replace. It is formed from the first day and every single experience together strengthens it. But the strength of this bond only fully manifests itself when the son and father become best friends,” says Adam Marčan, creative director of the Mannschaft agency. 

The face of the campaign is Adam Ďurica with his father Petr. “We see the cooperation with Adam Ďurica and his father Petr as an ideal example of family friendship. Adam is the idol of our target group and is a great fit for communicating the values of the Demänovka brand,” says Lenka Rusnáková, Senior Brand Manager of the Demänovka brand. ”We tried to make Adam and his dad Petr feel as natural as possible. We believe that when you connect with a brand you trust, the result is an authentic connection that works. The musical theme of the campaign is Adam’s most popular song “Neľutujem.” 

The campaign, which took several months to prepare, culminated at the end of 2021. The spot was produced by Playground 13 and AZN Kru. Key visuals and photos for social media were taken by Tomáš Pospíchal. The spot depicts Adam and his father’s relationship in various forms such as family, rivals and colleagues, but at the end of the day they are always the best of friends. 

Client: St. Nicolaus (Lenka Rusnáková, Tomáš Trstenský)
Agency: Mannschaft
Art Director: Adam Marčan, Matúš Kvas
Art Director: Alexandra Pobjecká
Copywriter: Matúš Kvas
Account manager: Adam Marčan
Production: Playground 13 & AZN Kru (Kristína Kijacová, Thuy Linh Mai)
Director: Novak & Nguyen
DOP: Dužan Duong
Photography: Tomáš Pospíchal
Music: Adam Ďurica

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