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Listen to Nicolaus! – the Nicolaus Vodka Campaign

24. March 2022 – Press releases
With the TV spot, in which Nicolaus comes to life for the first time, comes Nicolaus Vodka in a new campaign. This belongs to the portfolio of the largest Slovak spirits producer: ST. NICOLAUS.

After a longer period of communicating the brand exclusively through online media and social networks, Nicolaus Vodka is coming to TV screens with a new TV spot. The popular Nicolauska is offering unconventional fun in a different way this time – for the first time ever, the Nicolaus character from the ST. NICOLAUS logo has been brought to life, the company being a well-known leader in the domestic market. Saint Nicholas is also the symbol of the town of Liptovský Mikuláš, where the company has its headquarters and the plant where the vodka is produced. It is worth noting that Nicolaus Vodka has also held market leadership in its segment for several years. 

“Although the brand is doing well, we decided to remind consumers about it through a TV spot. The campaign slogan, in which our Nicolaus comes to life, is: Listen to Nicolaus! When you want to experience more…For the first time ever, the new TV spot with Nicolaus is not only for Slovak, but also for Czech and Hungarian viewers, always with a different landmark in the background – Bratislava Castle, Prague’s Hradcany and the Parliament in Budapest. The aim of communication with our neighbours is to strengthen the awareness of the brand we export there,” 

says Klára Majchráková, brand manager. 

The character of the charismatic Nicolaus, whose arrival already evokes the atmosphere of the approaching Christmas holidays, is portrayed by jazz singer Samuel Hošek. The lyrics were voiced by actor Tomáš Palonder, the music was composed by Viktor Hazard. The TV spot was created under the baton of cult advertising director Goran Marojević, who has shot commercials for many well-known brands abroad. It was produced by the company CLONEFILM, the images for the campaign visuals are the work of the well-known Slovak photographer Martin Črep. 

The TV spot will run on JOJ, JOJ Plus and Wau between 1 October and 31 December 2020. The communication will be complemented by an online campaign. 

TV spot:

SThe ST. NICOLAUS, a.s. company, a leader on the Slovak market, has been bringing you traditional and popular spirits made from first-class ingredients since 1867. The company’s portfolio consists of dozens of brands, among the most important being Nicolaus Vodka, herbal Demänovka, fruit spirits of the Jubilejná series, Slovenské Vinice quality wines, the traditional KLASIK series and genuine fruit spirits of the ST. NICOLAUS Exclusive Edition. The company is also the exclusive distributor of Soberano, Lepanto, NOMAD whisky, The London No. 1 gin, MOM Gin, Gibson’s, Glen Moray and Label 5 Scotch whiskies, Negrita Caribbean rum, Santiago de Cuba Cuban rum and wines from Spain, Italy, Argentina and Chile. It also has a sales office in the Czech Republic and Hungary and exports its products to many countries around the world. 

If you would like more information, please contact: 
Eva Fúriková, Project Manager, 1st CLASS AGENCY, tel.: +421 911 174 414,
Klára Majchráková, Brand Manager, ST. NICOLAUS-trade, tel.: +421 915 848 219,

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