Borec kampaňový vizuál

Welcome to Stredo Borec – a limited edition of Borec borovica dedicated to the Central Slovaks

24. March 2022 – Press releases
The face of the new limited edition and communication is Attila Végh, who has been associated with the brand in the past through the award-winning campaign “The Power of a Real Fighter”. The creative aspect was once again handled by Mannschaft.

The campaign takes advantage of the fact that Attila comes from the south and has absolutely nothing in common with pure Central Slovaks. He didn’t even come around the local customs. What happens when you order a mixed drink in a characterful Central Slovakian pub? You will find out in the new commercial directed by Tomáš Řehořek. 

“The campaign was created with a background of market data. From these we can say that the biggest consumers of borovička come from the regions of central Slovakia. The Central Slovaks are known as the eternal connoisseurs of borovička and they know that borovička tastes best pure. Therefore, we decided to create a limited edition of Borec borovica called Stredo Borec. Our borovička Borec is unique and we don’t need to add any of the ‘tidbits’ that we are used to in other mixed drinks,” 

says Veronika Slováková, Brand Manager of St. Nicolaus. 

The main campaign video is accompanied by a series of short video recipes. Attila will tell us how to prepare borovička in the Orava, Kysucká or Liptovský way: 

The campaign takes place in the online environment, primarily on social networks with specific targeting focused on the areas of central Slovakia. 

Agency: Mannschaft
Client: St. Nicolaus, Veronika Slováková, Tomáš Trstenský
Creative director: Adam Marčan
Copywriter: Matúš Kvas, Martin Kovarík
Art Director: Adam Marčan
Production: Playground 13, Juraj Darida, Kika Kijacová
Director: Tomáš Řehořek
Photographer: Matúš Bence, Miňo Debnár
Musica: Jerguš Oravec

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