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ST. NICOLAUS supplies free alcohol for disinfection to nursing homes in the vicinity of the Leopoldov plant

24. March 2022 – Press releases
Leopoldov, 23 March 2020 – ST. NICOLAUS reacted promptly to the current situation in Slovakia and almost immediately took measures to change production. In addition to supplies for health workers, it will supply free-of-charge alcohol for disinfection to nursing homes in the vicinity of the Leopold plant.

To date ST. NICOLAUS has reduced the production of vinegar on the lines of the Slovak Distilleries in Leopoldov and focused on the production of pure alcohol, which is needed for disinfection – primarily in the health sector, but also in other areas. The management of the company took this fundamental decision immediately as the situation regarding the coronavirus in Slovakia started to deteriorate. 

“We have tried to respond as quickly as possible to the demands of hospitals and health professionals who have begun to contact us with requests for increased supplies of pure alcohol. Thanks to several changes in production in recent days, our production line is running at its maximum technical capacity and we are managing to produce 36,000 litres of pure alcohol per day, which we distribute immediately, without limitation, according to orders to our hospitals, manufacturers of medical devices, suppliers to hospitals and pharmacies. At the same time, we launched the production of an alcohol-based disinfectant solution primarily for the production of disinfectants,” 

says Andrej Hronský, CEO of ST. NICOLAUS. 

In addition to hospitals and healthcare facilities, they will be supplied to pharmacies and disinfectant manufacturers. 

Until further notice, ST. NICOLAUS will focus its production on the production of both pure alcohol and disinfectant solution as a priority. It will primarily supply health care facilities and health care professionals, followed by the over-the-counter market. 

“As the most vulnerable group are seniors and the elderly, we will supply free-of-charge pure alcohol, in a first batch of about 1,000 litres, to the retirement homes around our production plant in Leopoldov, which will help them to comply with the strict hygiene and disinfection requirements, and we will also limit the production of spirits if necessary,” 

added Andrej Hronský on the next steps for ST. NICOLAUS. 

The first deliveries from the plant in Leopoldov will be delivered to 16 nursing homes in the area on Monday. The management of the homes deemed this donation by ST. NICOLAUS to be very welcome in the current difficult situation. 

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Eva Fúriková, Project Manager, 1st CLASS AGENCY, tel.: +421 911 174 414, 

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