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24. June 2024 – Press releases
ST. NICOLAUS is Slovakia’s largest producer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. And it’s expanding the product range with a new product: mixed alcoholic drinks in ready-to-drink cans.

This practical packaging enables consumers to have their favourite drink anywhere and anytime. Hence the campaign slogan: Are you ready? Anytime!

Our canned drinks are mixed by Tomáš Gyén – the leading bartender and ST. NICOLAUS brand ambassador. These drinks use only high-quality ingredients and flavours which consumers love.

Which can flavours are available?

Nicolaus Extra Fine Vodka & Soda & Lime
NICOLAUS VODKA is the most popular and best-selling vodka in Slovakia. Its extra mild taste combined with soda and lime delivers a fun new and fresh taste.

BOREC Grepovička
BOROVIČKA BOREC’s red and black junipers deliver a soft and clean taste with a fresh accent. Together with mildly bitter grapefruit juice, it combines flavours that everyone will love. Exclusive! This is unique on the market.

Professorado Cuba Libre
PROFESSORADO CUBA LIBRE continues the world-famous mixed drink that combines rum and cola. Our can has a fine blend of carefully selected Caribbean rums, combined with a refreshing strong cola and lime juice.

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