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Borec brand campaign: Prove that you are a real fighter, protect yourself and your surroundings!

24. March 2022 – Press releases
The Borec brand, which belongs to the ST. NICOLAUS portfolio, has also responded to the coronavirus crisis. On social media, it has communicated how to protect oneself and one’s loved ones, and in a limited edition, three fighters were given drapes on the bottle’s label.

The current spread of coronavirus infection is very serious and is being perceived with sensitivity by the whole world. The Borec brand also took a responsible approach to the situation in a reactive online campaign on its social networks. In animated Facebook posts, the brand urges its fans to behave responsibly to protect themselves and those around them, and to do what they can to help loved ones in need. 

“We are aware of the seriousness of the situation and we want to be responsible. That’s why the Borec brand has prepared an educational communication on its Facebook profile, which conveys practical information on how to protect yourself and your loved ones in an interesting way.” 

says Veronika Slováková, brand manager. 

Prove that you’re a real fighter, our only available vaccine at the moment is discipline. Let’s show that we can behave responsibly and together put an end to this contagion as soon as possible – that’s the basic motive, the idea behind the whole campaign. 

“The very name of the Borec brand holds great potential for a call to responsibility, so we decided to use it in this way in these difficult times,” 

explains Veronika Slováková, brand manager. 

The campaign is supported by a competition to win a limited edition bottle of Borec with a label featuring the three iconic fighters wearing capes on their faces. The brand also encourages people to be aware of the importance of protection through clear illustrations. 

The campaign from the Mannschaft agency has been deployed on the Borovička Borec social networking site since 23 March and will run until 9 April for the time being. The brand wants to continue to respond to the evolving crisis situation with its communication. 

The campaign can be followed at 

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